A Guide for Buying Your First Cross Stitch Kit


 For people looking to get into cross stitching for the first time, getting what you need can be a daunting process. It can be quite overwhelming considering there are virtually hundreds of options to choose from

Now if you prefer the quickest and easiest way to get started with cross stitching, then you might want to consider picking up a kit with pre-made patterns on it along with everything else that you will need for the project.


When it comes to supplies, it is best to stock up on needles, Aida fabric and DMC embroidery threads . It is always handy to have a few extra materials on hand, instead of experiencing delays as you go through your needlework.


Here are a few tips to help beginners using a cross stitch kit for the first time


Begin working on light-coloured fabrics


To start with, it’s best to work on light coloured fabrics. Dark coloured fabrics are delicate to work with for most beginners who are still learning the ropes of cross stitching. Choose open weave fabrics more so than materials that are folded flat. Folded structures develop creases that are hard to remove or flatten out.


Choose counted cross stitch kits


Counted fabrics are standard in cross stitching. It’s easier to practice your needlework with them, and it helps you become more skilled over time. Besides, it’s easier to adjust most patterns on fabric when working with this specific fabric count.


Choose quality but affordable floss packets


To create works of art, it’s important that you purchase quality materials. Start with floss packets as they feature a decent collection of colours. Make sure to stick to one brand if you are looking at starting a collection for your cross stitching hobby. Although there are conversion carts available, mixing threads from different brands will not lead to a beautiful work of art.


If you genuinely want the best possible results buying quality threads. Using inferior quality thread will result in a visibly poor finished piece compared to work that features quality floss packets. Hence it makes sense to choose some of the best flosses you can buy.


So there you have it — a few tips on getting your first cross stitch kit in Australia . Such information ought to prove useful in ensuring your first step towards the craft is as pleasant and convenient as possible. You will not have to worry about getting the materials you need and focus on the learning process,