Tips for Successful Team-Building Activities

There is much evidence to suggest that team-building activities can help facilitate camaraderie and rapport among team members. An ideal team-building activity will have active participation from everyone with a teaching component incorporated.

However, there are many business employees who resent engaging in these kinds of activities because of the lack of comfort they may have associating with fellow co-workers. Therefore, there should be some creativity involved in the activity to ensure the best possible outcome. Here are some tips to have a successful team-building activity.

Get Employee Feedback

If you want to have a productive activity that will leave a positive impression on everyone involved, you will want to get their feedback on what activity they would like to engage in. It makes sense to align the activity with the preferences of those who will participate. In doing so, this will increase the chances that the employees will be engaged and that there will be a positive outcome.

You will also need adequate feedback after the event is over and receive honest opinions on how it went. When it comes to building productive activities to uplift a team, constructive criticism serves as a powerful asset. Gather this information, see what participants liked and didn’t like, and use that to create more engaging events.

Clearly Outline Expectations

The last thing that should be done at a team-building event has those in attendance wondering why they are there. Before the event takes place, the priority is to ensure that everyone understands what they will be doing. They must also be aware of what the expectations are and what the goal of the event will be.

Of course, if there will be some special surprises at the event, such as giveaways, prizes or other fun activities, then those announcements can be put on hold or at the company’s discretion. However, there should be honest with who will be there and the event should run smoothly if everyone is on the same page.

Choose an Event Everyone Can Participate In

Most of the popular team-building activities that businesses like to hold for their employees involve some sort of physical component. While there is sufficient research to suggest that physical activity can have physical and mental benefits, it may not be suited for everyone. Some employees may have physical shortcomings whereas others may not feel comfortable.

This tip coincides with making sure that you get adequate feedback. Ensure that an activity is chosen that can cater to all interests and not just a select few. If there is a significant minority of people who are not comfortable with a relay race or a tug of war, a scavenger hunt or trivia games can be just as engaging. An event that engages all is an event prime for success. There are plenty of team building activities in San Francisco CA that accommodate all tastes.

Collaboration Over Competition

It is important to remember that the overarching goal of team-building activities is to bring employees together in the hopes of increasing productivity for a business. That means that employees should not be put in a position to be competing against each other. While friendly activities with prizes are acceptable, having more formal competitions with a clear winner can potentially facilitate division.

Consider holding an activity such as volunteer work or having a company picnic. Anything that can potentially inflate the ego of certain employees should be avoided if the risk is present. Employees should feel just as valued as they are at work.