What Are The Most Popular Tv Streaming Platforms

The streaming of movies online has never been more popular than it is now. With everyone forced to stay indoors due to the coronavirus’s quarantine protocols, we have become more attached to our technology gadgets. Lots of people have decided to binge-watch all the shows they have been putting off because of work. Although there are a lot of TV streaming platforms, these popular platforms have been tested and trusted by lots of users. Want to know more about TV streaming platforms? Check out BritainReviews.

•           Netflix

•           Hulu

•           Amazon prime

•           Disney+

•           CuriosityStream

•           YouTube TV

•           Peacock

•           HBO max


Although all of our favorite TV platforms are good for adults, it may be a little bit mature for kids. Try out these streaming services that have unique content for kids.

1.      SLING TV

What makes sling TV outstanding for kids is that it has popular kids channels available online for live streaming. If you have kids obsessed with princess Sophia,  PJ masks, or some Nickelodeon shows, sling TV is perfect for them.

Sling TV offers Boomerang, baby TV, cartoon network, Nicktoons, Disney junior, and others. Although some of these may not be available depending on your location, it is a great deal. When it comes to parental control for sling TV, you can restrict movies that you don’t want your kids to see with a password, and this makes it an all-around good streaming platform for kids.

2.      DISNEY+

This is one of the most kids-friendly streaming platforms. You can tell by the name. Most of the content here will be age-appropriate for your kids, and there is almost zero chance of your kid stumbling into an explicit movie. If you still have worries, you can create a kids profile with disney+ that will allow you to have parental control over what your child watches. This isn’t always full-proof as no pin is required to watch some movies.

3.      NETFLIX

Netflix is one of the big shots for online streaming, although it has a selection of movies for all age groups, you can count on Netflix’s kid’s collection for your kid movies. There is a parental setting available for Netflix, and with a suitable subscription plan, you can watch movies on more than one screen at a time. Yes, Netflix is extremely popular, but it is worth the hype.

4.      PBS KIDS

PBS kids is a bit different because it is free. Yes, you read that right; PBS kids is available on play store, apple store, and Windows. It features a lot of educational games that your kids will enjoy and few shows. It may not be as varied as others, but it is the right package since you don’t have to pay for it, it is also made primarily for kids so you do not have to try to restrict most shows. See the List of online TV streaming reviews to know about favorites like nickoledeon from reviewers.