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Research on forestry have indicated Arborist are noted to care for individual trees that are planted as they have the knowledge that is needed to take care of the particular trees, the specialists are trained and equipped to ensure they provide the needed proper care. Climate change is noted to catch the people attention and there has resulted to many people planting the needed trees and with the planting of trees there are needs that are best attended by the arborists who ensure the best care of trees are attended for best coverage. Arborists are noted to be cautious with soil aeration which is one of the primary function of trees, depending on the type of soil in an area dictates the kind of trees that can be planted in an area, this allows the individuals to be able to know the type of trees that they need to plant in an area to ensure they maintain the soil structure of an area.

Extensive research in forestry indicate The arborists are trained to be able to prune the different types of trees to ensure they are able to maintain and improve the health of the trees, improve the appearance of the trees and safety of the trees, in the event the tree owner who is not an arborist decides to prune trees the work can be very dangerous and it is safer to ensure the professionals do the work. It is important to note there are different techniques that are used for pruning by the arborists depending on the kind of trees that are in the field, in the event a tree is affected with a disease and it results to the removal of the tree, the arborist is capable to advice on the tree state and how badly it is affected before making the removal as it always the last result.

In the event of a storm and there are trees that fall they can be very heavy and difficult to move them especially if they have fallen on other trees and hiring an arborist may seem to be the best investment as they are able to move the trees without much damage. Finally, it is critical to highlight there are arborists who are noted to be cautious on the kind of trees that are planted as they know the different trees that need to be planted in a geographical location, the kind of diseases that affect the trees and before an individual decides to plant trees it is critical to consult an arborist to ensure the trees being planted are the right kind for the location.

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