5 Digital Arts Software For Beginners

Surfing the net for digital arts software as a beginner is one activity that will leave you spoilt for choice. This is due to the numerous software that you’ll find all over the internet.

Each of these software promises you the best things about digital arts, and you rush to get them the next moment. Some of them put up very convincing ads that’d spur you to part with some money in no time. The disappointing part of it all is that some of them are not always what they seem.

We’ll help you address this by sharing 5 digital art software that we have perfectly curated from a sea of the available options. On Collected.Reviews, you’ll also find some useful information on digital software that would be of immense help.

Below are five digital arts software for beginners.

1.     Medibang Paint:

This free digital software is an absolute darling for lovers of Manga. It is one of the best software you’ll find for making Manga. Another fascinating thing about Medibang Paint is its alluring precision and detail. It is a great choice for comics too. It has a cloud storage where you’ll be able to store your creations safely without fear of losing them and it also possesses a feature that allows users to share their works and ideas.

2.     Adobe Photoshop:

Adobe Photoshop has grown in leaps and bounds since the Knoll brothers founded it in 1988. Adobe photoshop as it name says is perfect for neat and brilliant photoshop. But there is more to Adobe than just photoshop. With it, you’ll be able to bring the perfect detail to your digital arts as well as flawless finishing. Adobe makes provision for lessons to help you go about your arts too. It is one of the cheapest software for digital arts.

3.     Krita:

Krita is a free digital arts app made by art enthusiasts who are very much interested in making digital art software available to everyone. Krita has a lot of mind blowing features that would do magic to any work of art. Its matte texture is so vivid and perfect. It also has good tools for illustrations.

4.     Affinity Designer:

This digital art software rides on the crest of the waves every time. It is everything you have ever imagined as it performs a myriad of functions. With an affinity designer, you’ll be able to make logos, make designs, draw and build excellent websites. Affinity designer is also great for UI design. What more fascinating software could there be? Affinity Designer currently offers a ninety day free trial for the Mac and windows version.

5.     GNU Image Manipulation Programme (GIMP): 

GIMP is the perfect app for photo manipulations and editing. This raster graphics software is one that you’ll never regret getting. In fact, it’ll cause a major shift for your art. Also, it is easy to use and it contains lucid instructions that’ll make usage fun and easier. It is available on Mac OS, Android, Linux and Microsoft Windows.

Final Notes

We hope that this list of digital art software helps you as you begin your digital art journey. Yes, a beginner can make mind blowing designs too. It’s all about making use of the best software available out there!