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Let the Singing Bowls Sing

To help you choose and buy a singing bowl, it will be important to hear first how it sounds. The bowl generates vibrations while playing it which also serve your affinity to it. High quality singing bowls can produce varying sound levels and there is a great chance that you have individual preference for the range. That on the other hand is for you to discover, the kind of resonance between you as well as the bowl’s sounds.

Well it turns out that these bowls aren’t just for fun. The reason for this is that, there’s a side purpose for the bowl and it’s to restore the vibratory frequency of our body, soul and mind. The sound this is generating is a type of energy medicine that can help to alleviate stress, heal depression, ease pain and get rid of any disorders. Interestingly enough, the healing process starts by training brain waves to synchronize with the bowl’s sounds.

The East has a totally different approach when it comes to health. Illness is seems to be a disharmony of the body such as imbalance in organ or cells. For this reason, due to the fact that matter is energy that vibrates at different rates, its structure may be altered when you change the rate of vibration. The body is believed to be healthy only when the organ and cell are resonating in harmony with the whole body. With the use of these bowls, our brain begins switching to the Theta brainwave frequency in which this heightens the intuition of a person, gives them clarity of the mind. For this, it positively affects the nervous system while inhibiting pain or even stress response.

When an alignment takes place, health as well as healing will soon follow and be balanced which will create deep harmony within and also, without. This results to a spontaneous healing. Given that science behind this is gradually being uncovered, medicine of today is beginning to measure and at the same time, validate its ability of healing our mind, soul and body.

Since some scientists discovered the upper end of Theta brainwave range is what’s considered important to healing the mind, spirit and body, it’s referred to “being in the zone” by meditators, musicians and athletes. The moment that you reach that state, you can now uncover a deeper mind potential and at the same time, experience true and lasting effects of energy healing. As a matter of fact, this is one of the many reasons why you can see singing bowls used in relaxation and healing.

But mind you, you can only achieve the benefits it has to offer only if you know how to play it correctly.

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